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Mental Health Resources

The pandemic has hit a lot of people in our community. We are here to help you. The resources provided below apply to many communities and situations you might have been going through. Feel free to access and use them. 

Mental Health Resources: Text

LGBTQ+ Community

  • If you feel lonely or have no people around you who would support or understand you, click here to find local community centers and support groups. 

  • We all need health support during these difficult times. Click here to access different clinics and other services to address your health issues.

  • You are important to this world, and we accept and cherish you the way you are. If you have suicidal thoughts, click here. This organization provides suicide prevention and judgment-free talks for LGBTQ+ youth from 13 to 24.

  • Click here to access LGBTQ+ national youth and seniors hotlines. They also have peer-support group chats and free confidential counseling over the phone.

Pride Parade


  • If you are a senior or taking care of one, click here to access programs that help seniors cope with mental health issues.

  • Phi Tau would also like to provide you useful information (that you can find here), such as videos and training tools that cover senior health, including mental health. 

  • If you feel lonely or if you are grieving, click here. It is a hotline for people age 60 and older that provides suicide prevention, grief and emotional support, and referrals for isolated seniors.

Cheerful Seniors


  • The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs provides a hotline for veterans who are in crisis. For more information on how to access the resources, information, and treatment options of mental health issues, click here

  • Military Pathways is a website created for veterans, military members, and their families to create a free, anonymous mental health self-assessment. After completing it, people are directed to referral information for the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs services.

  • Click here to access the information about mental illnesses and their treatments for veterans. The website also has a local helpline for veterans with mental health issues.

Army Medals
Mental Health Resources: News


  • Click here to find information about various mental illnesses and their treatments including bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders.

  • If you feel lonely, anxious, or depressed, text HELLO to 741741 for free and confidential support 24 hours a day throughout the U.S.

  • This website contains various resources and hotlines for female teens and young adults, for female veterans, for those who have eating disorders, and survivors from abuse or trauma.

  • If you feel overwhelmed or unable to enjoy the things you used to, click here to access the emotional screenings, which are the quickest way of determining when it is the right time to seek professional help.

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Black People and African Americans

  • If you cannot find people who can understand you or relate to your problems, click here to find the information about the app on iPhones and Androids "The Safe Place" by Jasmin Pierre that is solely dedicated to the Black community's mental health issues. What is great is great about it is it's absolutely free!

  • If you want to know more about your mental health issues and find outside support, click here to access a weekly podcast for Black women and girls.

  • If you feel lonely and need to talk to somebody who will understand you, click here to access the BlackLine 1 hotline. This is a judgment-free hotline providing emotional help for the BIPOC community.

  • If you want to develop a habit of meditating, click here to download the Liberate app. It is a safe space for the Black community to develop a daily meditation habit.

All Hands In

Latinx Americans

  • If you want to find information about different kinds of mental illnesses and their treatments, click here. This video from an American Psychiatric Association provides information for Hispanic families on how to find mental health care.

  • Click here to access many hotlines for the Latinx community including suicide prevention and crisis hotlines. Some of the hotlines are in Spanish!

  • If you struggle to find a competent therapist, click here. You will be able to find a local Spanish-speaking professional who will help you to address your mental health issues.

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Mental Health Resources: News

Additional Resources

People of Color

  • If you are a student of color and need help, click here to access a video toolkit from the University of Michigan. This resource has many videos that support and discuss the well-being of students of color.

Mental Health Resources: Text

Mental Health Awareness

Our Phi Tau Chapter Officer Team would like to present to you tips and strategies on how to cope with anxiety during COVID-19. Please feel free to access and use this information at your discretion. You are not alone. We are here for you!

Mental Health Resources: Welcome
Mental Health Resources: Welcome
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