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Budget-Friendly Food Recipes

We have researched and thought of many recipes under 10$ you could easily make at home!

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Image by Taylor Kiser

50 Meals Under 10$

Click here to access a document with 50 easy and inexpensive recipes! These meals contain fish, chicken, beef, pasta, salads, and soups! There is a price next to every ingredient that will help you understand the price of the whole meal.​

50 Vegetarian/Vegan Meals Under 10$

If you are a vegan or vegetarian, click here​ to find 50 easy and budget-friendly recipes under 10$! They include salads, soups, noodles, rice, and many more! This document also has prices next to each ingredient so that you will be able to plan your budget!

10 Easy Keto Meals Under 10$

If you follow the keto diet, click here to access 10 easy and affordable recipes under 10$! These meals include a lot of creamy chicken recipes. This document has a picture attached to each of the recipes. Enjoy!

Budget Friendly Food Recipes: News

11 Meals at 99¢ Store

Click here to find the information on how to cook some meals at the 99¢ Only Store. This document contains a lot of dessert recipes with pictures and thorough instructions! 

25 Creative Recipes From Dollar Tree

Click here to access the 25 inexpensive recipes. You can find all the ingredients listed in the document at Dollar Tree! Each of the recipes has a direction that is very easy to follow!

Additional Budget-Friendly Recipes

If any of the recipes provided above did not match your taste, we provide more information here. There are gluten-free and simple allergen-free recipes, healthy college meals, recipes for a family of 4 under 10$, and many more!

Image by Izzah
Budget Friendly Food Recipes: News
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