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Food Pantries and Health Resources

Phi Tau is providing you information on where to get a free turkey for Thanksgiving, how and where to get free food within Texas, and other services to help low-income families with mortgage and bills. Feel free to use the resources listed below.

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Roasted Turkey

Where Can I Get a Free Turkey For Thanksgiving?

  • This source provides information on how to get a free turkey for Thanksgiving in Fort Worth and Arlington. Some pantries have specific instructions on when you need to arrive. Some of them require you to pre-register. For more information, click here

  • Here you can get a free turkey in Dallas, TX. One turkey per household. You need to preregister. No delivery, only pick-up. 

Free Food and Other Services

  • Click here to access free food, clothes for babies, and counseling centers for women in Haltom City and NRH.

  • Free food for people living in Fort Worth. Some of the food pantries have particular working hours. Some of the pantries require a picture ID. For more information and instructions, click here.

  • Free food pantries for people living in El Paso. There is a food pantry for pregnant women only. For more information and instructions, click here.

  • If you do not have the ability to travel to big cities, click here to find your city. Also, you can type in your address and city and find pantries in your area that are close to you.

  • Click here to find free food pantries in Tarrant County.

  • If you do not live in Tarrant County, click here to find free food pantries within Texas. Just click on your county link and find many addresses where you can get free food and more.

Health and Other Services

  • This website is designed to help low-income families paying bills, finding free food, and free medical services. It also contains information on how to save money, provides free clothes and other supplies, and debt and mortgage help. Just click on your state and find relevant sources that would help you.

Food Pantries and Health Resources: News
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